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I couldn’t agree more with this article! I have many friends and family members that do not believe that they need planners themselves & until they experience planning first hand they probably won’t see the need. Here are some of the questions I would ask yourself when you start your wedding planning journey:

++  Who will be transporting all décor from brides/grooms home to the venue?

++ Who will be setting up the décor? For example, escort cards, guest book, tables, linen, folding napkins, placing menus, table numbers, centerpieces – just to name a few.

++ Who will be flipping the venue from ceremony to reception, or bringing flowers etc. from ceremony to reception if they are in separate locations?

++ If there are changes to timing of events throughout the night who is going to go around and inform all vendors so everyone is on the same page?

++ Who will be in charge of getting guests seated after cocktail hour and getting the bridal party lined up for introductions?

++ Who will be the main point of contact through the entire wedding for the bride and groom rather than running around and getting answers from all vendors involved?

++ Who will be responsible for packing up all gifts/cards and insure they are in a safe location with bride, groom and/or family at the end of the evening?

++ Following the reception, who will break down/pack up all décor provided by bride and groom and deliver it to the desired location?

++ Who will take charge and distribute tips to vendors at the end of the night?

These are just a few questions to ask yourselves.  Your wedding weekend involves a lot of hard work and planning.  We want you to be able to enjoy your time with your families and friends rather than stressing about the details above, not to mention all of the ‘pre-planning’ details

++ Budgeting

++ Vendor management

++ Creating timelines– distributing to all vendors prior to wedding

++ Staying organized and on top of payments

++ Hotel room blocks – if family is traveling for wedding

++ If the wedding is tented rather than a venue, be sure you have all the permits approved

++ Knowing details about noise ordinates for different locations

++ Knowing how to read contracts in this industry

++ Do you know the proper linen and table sizes? Or how to maximize your space?

++ Seating chart

Finding a wedding planner that you connect with is important. You want to be sure your planner fully understands your vision, and that you can trust they can take control and get the job done.  Before making the decision that you do not need to hire a planner take the quiz by @Sandy Malone -BRIDES MAGAZINE. And ask yourself the questions listed in this article! 

Good luck!

XO Devyn



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